Rose M. Procopio is the founder of RoseColours Cosmetics., a company providing media based make-up services throughout the world and offering high quality cosmetics specializing in HDTV.

Relying upon her 25 years of experience in the competitive cosmetic field, Ms. Procopio routinely provides her services to television networks, movie studios, government officials, business and international leaders and other personalities. Ms. Procopio's recognition as an expert in her field is best demonstrated by her extensive clientele and loyal following. Ms. Procopio's services are frequently utilized by Washington’ top leaders, especially those attuned to the unique demands presented by high definition television broadcast services.

Inauguration 2009 working at the Capitol with Maria Menounos

Although Ms. Procopio has earned her reputation as Washington's foremost make-up artist, her clientele has reached to international dimensions. President Mikahil Gorbachev, President Hosni Mubarak, and other world leaders have all benefited from Ms. Procopio's talent which accentuates the best features of her clients with the most natural application possible. Hollywood has also called upon Ms. Procopio to make up its top talent as well.

Numerous magazines have employed Ms. Procopio to make up personalities for Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Working Woman, Parade, GQ, and Redbook. These are only a few of the nationally distributed publications for whom Ms. Procopio has provided services. Ms. Procopio has focused her web based content services by providing make up services for one of our nations most well respected bloggers, Arianna Huffington for “The Huffington Post.”

Working with Katie Couric for coverage of Pope John Paul II's funeral at the Vatican

In television, Ms. Procopio has earned accolades for her regular work performed on all of the major networks including NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, FOX, CNN, MSNBC and CNBC. Her credentials include assignments with top shows including "The McLaughlin Group", "Larry King Live", "Meet The Press", "NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams", "The Today Show", "CBS Evening News with Katie Couric", "Redskins Report", "Access Hollywood", and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

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